Is Your Roof Okay? Check for These Common Signs of Damage

Is Your Roof Okay? Check for These Common Signs of Damage

You may not often think about your roof. It’s over your head, and it does its job–protecting you from external elements. The sturdy and reliable structure, though, takes a beating from the wind and rain, which could harm the outer parts and leave your home vulnerable to water damage and mold.

To avoid major issues down the road, homeowners must check on the rooftop occasionally, ensuring that it remains in good condition. If you don’t quite know what to look for, be aware of these three common signs of concern.

1. Permeating Musty Smell

If holes open up on the roof, water gets inside, saturating the internal materials. Along with rotting out wood, it settles into the drywall and plaster. Lingering moisture kicks off mold growth, which spreads rapidly once started. One of the first indicators of trouble is odor. If you consistently sniff something old and stale, reach out to residential roofing contractors in Daytona Beach FL to determine how to restore the top and get rid of anything contaminated.

2. Unusual Spot or Stains

When fluid makes its way to the ceiling tiles or wall, it often breaches and leaves a stain. These spots mean you have exposure from somewhere above, and it made its way to the internal areas. This condition takes time. The roof is likely the cause. An expert should examine both the inside and outside of the house to see where to begin.

3. Air Circulation Changes

Has your air conditioner been on the fritz? Are energy bills climbing? It could be because the roofing isn’t keeping the weather out. You may require shingle replacement to provide better safeguards.

If you observe something strange, seek professional help. The roof is your defense, so keep it stable and durable. When you think there’s a problem, reach out and fix the trouble quickly.

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