7 Important Items You Need for Your Woodworking Shop

7 Important Items You Need for Your Woodworking Shop

The work you do in your woodworking shop will be only as good as the tools you own. Here are some crucial items you should have in your successful woodworking shop.

Good Vacuuming System

Working with wood means creating a lot of dust, and without something to collect it all, you not only have a mess on your hands, but you’re also breathing harmful materials that can cause dust pneumonia, aggravate your asthma and create other health problems. Clear away the dust with a good vacuuming system, and replace your vacuum bags often. For more information, contact industrial bag filters VA .

Wide Range of Saws

No woodworking shop is complete without plenty of different saws. A table saw is a must, along with a miter saw for cutting wood at different angles and a circular saw with a sturdy electric brake. A band saw is also important. These tools help you cut the wood into shapes you need for the right projects.


You don’t want to get splinters every time you touch one of your projects, so a sander is an essential tool in your woodworking shop. An orbital sander gets the job done quickly, saving you time.


Any time you need to join two pieces of wood together to make a joint, you need a jointer. This handy tool creates a flat surface along the end of your piece of wood, making it easier to glue two pieces together to form a joint.


On many projects, you need your boards to be of a consistent thickness for the length of the board. A wood planer helps you accomplish this task quickly and easily. It takes the difficulty out of your home projects.

Wood Router

Wood routers can cut fancy edges as well as create dadoes and rabbets so you can add wood patterns to your projects. They’re also vital to making cabinets, picture frames and edges.


They’re not just for woodcarving, chisels are crucial for clearing away bits of wood from any saw cuts you’ve made.

Hand Saw

Even though you’re investing in a wide range of electrical saws, you still need a hand saw for those detailed cuts you can’t accomplish with an electric saw.

If you’re planning on building your own workshop, these tools are essential to have. They’ll provide you with the ability to produce professional-looking projects in a short amount of time.