3 Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Service

3 Tips for Choosing a Pest Control Service

No one wants to deal with bugs, rodents and other pests. A simple and effective way to get pest concerns taken care of is to hire a pest control service. Here are three tips for choosing a pest control service.

1. Research Multiple Service Providers

Ideally, you should research at least three different local service providers. Compare their price rates, offered services and customer reviews. If possible, ask to schedule in-person interview so you can ask specific questions and request estimates. For example, if you’re looking for Staten Island pest control, seek out different service providers in that area and compare them.

2. Discuss Treatment Options

Pest control is a serious topic, involving various chemicals, traps and other treatments that can be potentially dangerous to you, your family and your pets due to their use in exterminating or warding off household pests. Talk to each service provider about your pest situation and what treatment options are best. Ask about environmentally friendly options and how to reduce your risk of exposure to any chemicals used.

3. Check Licensing And Affiliations

Always look into the licensing and affiliations of the pest control service providers you’re interested in working with. You want to hire a service that is properly licensed to utilize various pest control techniques, has appropriate insurance coverage and is a legitimate member of one or more professional associations related to pest control and extermination. You want a service provider that has the appropriate qualifications and credentials so that your pest control is done in a professional, safe and careful manner.

Pest control services across the country should be capable of dealing both with pests common in your local area and with those common all over the region. If you’re dealing with an unusual pest situation, be sure to make the service aware.

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